Friday, September 12, 2014

Long Time, No See!

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel (CLICK HERE if you'd like to!), you might have watched the last video I posted, in which I silently shave my head before unceremoniously turning off the camera, and gotten the crazy idea in your head that I'd killed myself or something. My deepening depression in the videos leading up to it, as well as my total V.Logging and B.Logging silence thereafter, might have contributed to this misconception.

Well, I'm here to ease your mind. I'm NOT dead. I just wished I was for a little while there.

Okay, maybe a long while.

To bring you up to speed, in the intervening year-plus I've sold my first story, gotten divorced, started on antidepressants, gotten my first cell phone, made a rough peace with my ex, fallen madly in-love, and been fallen madly in-love with. I false-started a B-movie review B.Log that I hope to start updating again soon (CLICK HERE to see what I managed to post before sputtering out), and I've passed the 1200 page mark in my first novel. I've also stalled in the back quarter of that same novel, and have found it nearly impossible to get back into it. It's strictly a self-discipline (or lack thereof) issue, I know, but stalled is where I'm at, and I won't pretend otherwise, even if you good people have no way of knowing whether or not anything I say here is true.

Anyway, that story I sold should see publication later today, and I'll post the link to it here as soon as I see that it's been posted. I hope you'll check it out. I think it's a pretty good little piece, even if I am a bit biased.

Thanks for tuning-in!


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